Live Band

TRYON performs regularly in small and large ensemble versions. Many times with varying musicians in the Berlin scene. In the small ensembles you can find such players as: Erik Leuthäuser. Ganna Gryniva, Edith Steyer, Michael Haudenschild, Quentin Cholet, Peter Vanhuffel, Jonathon Lindhorst.

Kiki Manders

Manders grew up in Venlo in the south Netherlands and graduated from the jazz singing program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. After graduation, Manders moved to New York City to study Poetry and Improvisation. She started writing songs in the dialect from her hometown Venlo while living in New York and recently recorded a selection of them, amongst other compositions, to be heard on her debut album “Love is yours is mine” (Unit Records).
A finalist in the Voicingers International Singers Competition and a semi-finalist in the Brussels Young Jazz Singers Vocal Competition, Manders’ “irrepressible style” makes her an “in demand musician both as a bandleader and as a sideman.” She lent her voice to Amsterdam-based saxophonist Maarten Ornsteins’ avant-garde funkband DASH! and performed with this band throughout Europe, in the Music Theatre production “Spica”, multi-disciplinary theatre performance “Brilliant Limbs” and toured China with the band.
Manders performed and/or collaborated with The Metropole Orchestra, Jim Black, Maarten Ornstein, Oene van Geel, Vince Mendosa, Yuriy Yaremchuk, Jeffrey Bruinsma, Bodek Janke, Phil Donkin and others. She performed at world known venues and festivals such as The Bimhuis, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Paradiso, North Sea Jazz Festival, and the Concert Hall Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the Unterfahrt in Germany, the Sziget Festival in Hungary, the Brussels Jazz Club in Belgium, Jazzclub Jazz Dock in the Czech Republik, Jazz Club Dzyga in Ukraine, the Jazz Gallerie in Canada and at the Nanjijng Jazz Festival and the Chengdou Jazz Festival in China.

Rieko Okuda

Rieko Okuda is a pianist and a composer from Japan.  She began to play Classical music at the age of 3.  She also studied Music Therapy at Doshisha Women College.  Music Therapy led her into Contemporary music and Improvised music.  After she graduated from the college, she moved to USA to study Jazz music.  She fell right into the Jazz scene in USA, performing with some of the great American Jazz musicians (Bob Mintzer, Jon Faddis, John Fedchock etc) at several jazz festivals such as North Texas Jazz Festival, Nortredam Jazz Festival to name a few.  A couple of years later, she got interested in Free Jazz and Improvised music while she was in Phliladelphia.  She performed with the great improvisers includes Marshall Allen (from San Ra Orchestra), Elliott Levine (recorded with Cecil Taylor), and Calvin Weston (recorded with Ornette Coleman). Her interests in Improvised music led her to move to Berlin.  She performs with various musicians in Berlin ex. Tobias Delius, Axel Dörner, Els Vendaweyer, Linda Frederickson, ect. 
Also, she collaborates with contemporary dancers such as Yuko Kaseki, Akemi Nagao, and Annapaola Leso (from Sasha Waltz.)  She performs at several experimental festivals: A’Larme Festival, JOE Festival Essen, Brda Contemporary Music Festival, XChange Festival, Experymental Festival, Flux Festival, and Soundance Festival to name a few. 
In 2017 and 2018, she got the residency in Elektronik Music Studio (EMS) in Stockholm, Sweden.  This residency experiences inspired her to Electro-Acoustic field, and she started to invite the electronics to her piano solo pieces.  Her first Electro-Acoustic solo album “Paranorm” was released from Japanese record lable, Athor Harmonics, on Feburary 2018.  “Paranorm” was performed at Koncertkirken Blagards Plads (DK), Ausland, FLUX Festival (DE), and Vardklockans Församling (SE).

In 2020, she has gotten the residency in Visby International Centere for Composers (VICC) to extend her experience, and find more possibilities to create various sounds and composition techniques.

Martial Frenzel

Martial Frenzel ist Perkussionist und Schlagzeuger (Solo und Ensemble) im Bereich Jazz- und Populärmusik. Nach dem Abitur am deutsch-französischen Gymnasium/Saarbrücken hat er
zunächst Interkulturellen Kommunikation an der Universität des Saarlandes studiert,von 2008 bis 2014 studiert er Jazz- und Populärmusik an der Hochschule für Musik Saar.

Im Saarland bewältigt er zahlreiche Engagements und Tätigkeiten, u.a. am Saarländischen Staatstheater, an der Saarländischen Sommermusik,in der Ini-Art ( Initiative für Schwer vermittelbare Kunst), als Solist und Ensemblemusiker im Theaterstück “Neffe, Vetter, Eiffelturm” (2008), am Theater Überzwerg, am Saarländischer Rundfunk, sowie bei den Festivals „Perspectives “ und „C’est dur la culture“. Über die Grenzen Deutschlands hinaus hat der Musiker Lettland,Litauen,Polen, Frankreich, Belgien und USA musikalisch bereist. Er wirkt bei einer Vielzahl von Freie-Szene-Musikprojekten und Konzerten in unterschiedlichsten Besetzungen mit.

Unter anderem arbeitet er mit Hartmut Oswald,Jan
Österreich, Christoph Thewes, Wollie Kaiser, Johannes und Daniel Schmitz,Benjamin Lehmann, Paul Engelmann, Phillipp Meyer, Amadi Cone, Heyrettin Ceylan,Geoffrey Muller,
Peter Strickmann, Élodie Brochier, Ralph Peter,Thomas Honnecker,Jan Roder, Tobias Delius, John Schröder,Thomas Ullrich, Rudi Mahall, Carl Ludwig Hübsch und vielen anderen
Musikern, die ein wichtiger Bestandteil der freien deutschen Musikszene sind.

2018 zieht Frenzel nach Berlin wo er in sehr vielen Freie Szene Projekten aktiv ist. Martial Frenzel geht in seiner musikalischen Laufbahn auch pädagogischen Tätigkeiten nach, so war er von 2010 bis 2016 Dozent an der Musikschule im Landkreis St. Wendel, von 2012 bis 2016 an der städtischen Musikschule St. Ingbert, von 2014 bis 2016 an der Musikschule
Kirkel- Altstadt. Zeit seines Studiums gab er auch Privatunterricht und organisierte die Kindertrommelgruppe „Trommeläffchen“ und war Nebenfachdozent an der HFM Saar. Im Juli 2017 lehrt er als Dozent beim renommierten Workshop Darmstädter Jazz Conceptions. Seit 2019 ist er aktiv an der Mio Trommelwerkstatt beteiligt.

Philipp Gropper

In 2003, he started the trio HYPERACTIVE KID with Ronny Graupe and Christian Lillinger, and in 2012 founded the quartet PHILM with Elias Stemeseder, Robert Landfermann and Oliver Steidle. In 2013 – exploring yet again a completely different field of music – he initiated TAU, an electric acoustic group with Philipp Zoubek, Petter Eldh and Moritz Baumgärtner.
Concerts with these bands and others have brought Gropper to over 40 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. He has had the honour of sharing a stage with wonderful musicians such as Rudi Mahal, Ralph Towner, Jim Black, Bobby McFerrin, Kresten Osgood, Tobias Delius, Clayton Thomas, Nasheet Waits, Pablo Held, Olaf Rupp, Ceylan Ertem, Matthias Schriefl, John Schröder, Maria Joao, Paulo Cardoso, James Knapp, Kaja Drachsler, Kit Downes, Dan Nicholls, Günter Baby Sommer, Håvard Wiik, Axel Dörner, Mat Maneri, Matthew Herbert, Changuito, DJ IllVibe, Ibadet Ramadani, Peter Evans and many others.
As a sideman he plays with Wanja Slavin’s Lotus Eaters, Pablo Held’s Glow, Oli Steidle & The Killing Popes, Home Stretch, European Movement Jazz Orchester and some more.
Gropper has recorded more than 50 albums and has been awarded several prizes. He has been a member of the Jazzkollektiv Berlin since 2009.

Dovydas Stalmokas

Dovydas Stalmokas Is a versatile jazz , experimental, Rock saxophone player from Vilnius ,Lithuania. He studied in Lithuania and Paris ,France. Dovydas represented Lithuania in Chicago , USA Umbrella jazz festival and in European saxophone ensemble for 2 years. Dovydas had a pleasure to collaborate with artists like Kenny Wollesen, Dalius Naujo , Mats Gustafsson , Jojo Mayer , Josh Berman, Tim Daisy, Liudas Mockunas , Guillaume Orti , Rasul Siddik , Jef Sicard , Andre Vida , Ingrid Laubrock and many more.

Grgur Savic

Grgur Savic (Zagreb, Croatia *1983) is saxophonist and composer based in Berlin since 2015. He finished Music Academic Studies – classical and jazz at the University of performing arts in Graz and Klagenfurt, Austria (class of Peter Straub and Gerald Preinfalk). In New York he took private lessons with revered jazz greats such as saxophonists George Garzone and Andrew D’Angelo.

Grgur Savic is part of a broad, cross-breed Berlin improvisation, crossover & experimentation music scene. He is focused across a wide range of sound research, visual compositional practices, electronics and traditional genre to adhere to a commitment with pure improv making it exciting in trying to bridge the gap between composed and improvised. Since moving to Berlin in 2015, he actively performs and records his main projects:

PITCH SHIFTING, THE FORM, VORTEX FOUR, SPACE TIGERS BERLIN. His primary groups as a leader are the Grgur Savic Pitch Shifting (together with Sanja Star + featuring guests), Space Tigers Berlin (with Vanja Kevresan), Grgur Savic – Vortex Four (with Igor Lumpert, Matheus Jardim and Ivar Krizic) and GS the Form, (music ensemble performing visual compositions and graphical scores feat. local and international artists)

Past musical projects include his Free Willys – conceptual free music trio, The Unleashed Bop Force – post bop fusion quintet, Mangroove – experimental fusion band.

Grgur has performed with the following artists such as Ute Wassermann, Tomomi Adachi, Rieko Okuda, Richard Scott, Ignaz Schick, Anil Eraslan, Willi Kellers, Samuel Hall, Quentin Tolimieri, Antonio Borgini, Oliver Steidle, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Sofia Borges, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Chris Hill, Emilio Gordoa, Sanja Star, Krunoslav Levacic, Gerald Preinfalk, Vanja Kevresan, Bojan Krhlanko, Pavle Jovanovic, Domen Gnezda, Zvonimir Sestak, Borko Rupena, Igor Lumpert, Marko Churntchetz, Ivar Krizic, Jure Pukl, Mark Pringle, Marcelo Busato, Daniel Craig..etc.

Jasper Stadhouders

Jasper leads the PolyBand which he founded in 2015. The PolyBand consists of an ever expanding pool of musicians and performers in varying line-ups and sizes which focuses on polyrhythmic cycles, polytonality and trance-like long forms. In 2019, Jasper received a commission from the prestigious festival Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht, NL) to compose an entirely new work for a 16-piece version of the PolyBand which will premier in September 2019.

At the 2015 Incubate Festival (Tilburg, NL), during a 6-day residency he lead the Jasper Stadhouders’ International Improv Ensemble. He also formed the 5tet Oliver / Stadhouders / Vitols / Rosaly / ‘t Hart, which premiered at the 2018 DOEK Festival.
He is the co-founder of Cactus Truck, Trio Stadhouders / Govaert / De Joode + Delius, Trio Rempis / Stadhouders / Rosaly, Shelter, Bazooka, Practical Music, and plays in bands like Spinifex, Ken Vandermark’s groups Made To Break, Entr’Acte and Next International, Jaap Blonk’s Retirement Overdue, Bacchanalia, o k a p i, and Jeroen Kimman’s Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido. In 2014, The Ex invited Jasper to join them on the last tour of the late great Ethiopian saxophone legend Getatchew Mekuria in Addis Ababa. Next to this, Jasper has worked with theatre companies De Warme Winkel, Nieuw-West and Freek Vielen. He performed contemporary composed music by Steve Reich, Michael Gordon, Barbara Ellison and Genevieve Murphy.He’s played with Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Paal Nilssen-Love, Marshall Allen, Hamid Drake, C. Spencer Yeh, Akira Sakata, Noel Redding, Andrew D’Angelo, Roy Campbell (R.I.P.), Jeb Bishop, Mars Williams, Priya Purushothaman, Kaja Draksler, Johannes Bauer (R.I.P.), The Ex, Fendika, Getatchew Mekuria (R.I.P.), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Michael Vatcher, Marc Ducret, Jozef Dumoulin, Magda Mayas, Mette Rasmussen, Nate Wooley, Valerio Tricoli, Tom Rainey, Mark Sanders, Emilio Gordoa, Dirar Kalash, Christian Lillinger, Michiyo Yagi and many others.